How to Bring More Customers Using Yelp Marketing

Nail salon owner? A restaurant manager? Don’t be scared of using Yelp.

How to Promote Your Business Using Yelp Marketing

But let’s face it here is the cold hard truth about Yelp: It can either make you a very succesful business -or- it will break you to the point that you can’t recover from bad reviews. It can be hard to fix your reputation if your business continously received bad reviews on Yelp (like the one-star or two-star reviews).  According to Yelp’s 2015 report, Yelp gets over 83 million mobile visitors per month to its site. As a business owner you can no longer be carefree about your Yelp presence; and here are the top tips on how to use Yelp marketing to attract more customers and generate more revenue.

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