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SEO and Search Marketing

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SEO Agency Chicago – Integrated SEO

  • – SEO
  • – Website optimization
  • – Content strategy
  • – Inbound marketing
  • – SEO landing pages
  • – Analytics
  • – Conversion optimization
  • – Web design
  • – Nurturing programs
  • – Integrated marketing

We Focus on the Metrics That Matter Most

SEO SEM Agency Chicago

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) begins with an on-site evaluation of your current website content and meta tags. The March Media Chicago team works to build what you’ve already accomplished by creating compelling fresh content that is specific to your products or services to boost your organic rankings across major search engines.

SEO to Improve Brand Visibility

SEO Content Strategy

We build a thorough content strategy for your organization that touches upon high-level messaging, value proposition & social media integration. We plan publishing workflows to improve its impact on SEO.
SEO Conversion 

Conversions can be website sign-ups, increased revenue from transactions, increased purchases, donations or account sign-ups. We help improve the likelihood for conversion through iteration and optimization.
Search Analysis 

We build reports and audit web properties to improve online marketing campaigns and search relevance. We look for drop off points and places to improve user experience in order to improve site performance.
Search User Experience

Building a compelling and intuitive user experience is vital to being effective online. March Media specializes in making online business systems and websites more user friendly and easy to navigate.
Social & Search Strategy

Social media & PR strategy, corporate or brand social media policy goals, campaigns and guidelines, social media campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). We help companies better utilize social media for customer engagement.
E-commerce SEO

We help improve eCommerce websites’ presence in search, social, email and direct engagement with customers. We create eCommerce marketing campaigns that are performance focused.


What is SEO?

SEO is a process that makes your website more easily found through search engines by building inbound links to your website and using strategic keywords that people are searching for. Search engine results are influenced by the number and quality of links pointing to a site; the more links there are to your site, the higher it ranks and the more visible it is to your customers. For B2B and B2C companies that want a strong online presence, building links to your website is crucial to its success.

SEO for growth

March Media Chicago helps organizations attract and retain prospects and customers through search engines by optimizing websites and producing an inbound marketing strategy. Being full-service allowsMarch Media Chicago to traverse the boundaries of marketing, technology and design in order to produce the best results.

Be Present

There are 100 billion searches per month on Google – that’s 33 million a day. Be found where your best customers are searching for products and services.

Be Found

89% of consumers turn to a search engine to find information on products, services or businesses prior to making a decision.

Be Seen

Did you know the top 5 results on a search engine results page receive 87% of clicks? March Media Chicago can help your business show up in searches.

Learn more about how our Chicago search marketing agency can help you increase leads and sales for your business. Call March Media Chicago today at 708.669.9369

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