5 Tips to Keep Your Salon Busy During Slow Periods

Let’s face it, it happens to all businesses. Every salon has its slow days, weeks, or even months. Winter months are usually the slow season for salon owners. However, what you intend to do during this time is critical because it can help significantly or drag your business. Letting your cash flow run smoothly takes some thoughtful salon marketing strategies and tactical approaches. Here we gathered five tips for you to use during slow period.

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1. Increase Your Pre-Booking

It is a good idea to ask your clients to book their next service while she (or he) is at your salon. Ask her what she would like for her next visit. Suggest a new service, and make an appointment for their next visit, and ask if they would prefer to have the same technician. When appointments are booked in advance it is beneficial for both the client and the salon owner to manage their time. Once the next appointment is made send an e-mail  notification to your client right away and also send another service reminder e-mail just a day before the next visit. Doing this will also prevent double booking, unavailable time slots, and uncertainties.

2. Have Salon Specials & Promotions

Rewards and incentives always work, and they are a great way to bring more clients to your salon. Create a promotional service and treatment lists for slow winter season. Offer spa manicures and pedicures, massages and paraffin treatments at discounted prices. Share this special prices and promotional deals on your website and social media pages. For instance:

“Get $10 Off on Mondays and Tuesdays, 9:00-11:30am” (Monday and Tuesday mornings are usually slow for most salons)

“Refer a Friend and You Both Get $15 off on Manicure and Pedicure” (Referrals can go far and it will boost your sales quickly!)

“Get a FREE Manicure on Your Birthday! It’s on us” (Birthday presents will make her feel special)

3. Marketing and SEO

Slow days are the best time to invest in your marketing activities. What I encourage the most are getting listed on all major location management websites, as well as your digital marketing and implement search optimization.

Have a cohesive branding with clear logo and a name. Make sure your company name, address, phone numbers appear the same on all directories (such as Google My Business, Bing Maps, Yahoo!, Yelp, Foursqaure, Yellow Pages and more.) Not sure how your business appears? Check your business listings here.

Make your website mobile responsive. Mobile search is on the rise and Google now considers mobile presence as an important ranking factor: if your website is not mobile optimized, Google will not rank your site. Your competitor who mobile optimized their website will rank higher than you. In fact you may not even appear on searches. Don’t wait, optimize your site immediately!

Get found online through various types of search engines and local listings. I suggest you to work with agencies.  The marketing experts will update your social media pages on a regular basis by posting messages, salon photos, exclusive offers and more. A digital marketing company will promote your salon and attract followers, upload pictures and create “worthy” posts consistently. Also, initiate talks with social influencers who can augment your social media campaign & your brands messages. Followerwonk.com is a great tool to see who the social influencers are in your industry.

4. Host Private Events

Another great way to get new customers at your salon during a slow season is to host events. Use your space. Be innovative. Be social. It doesn’t have to be big events with 20-30 people, instead start with smaller groups of five to ten people.  Put a private event for soccer moms, bridal parties, busy professionals, or school teachers. Create a fun environment for women by hosting these events monthly. Send a letter invitation and constantly remind your clients that you’re their perfect private event hosting venue. In addition, provide drinks, small appetizers and cookies while they get a service of their choice at your salon. Small gifts can make a big impression. Wink, wink!

5. Train Your Staff and Renovate

I emphasize on this quite frequently: always treat your employees right and give them some much deserved vacation time (or time off) during your slow season. When your employees are happy they will take care of your customers. Also, this is a good time to train new employees and further advance your technicians’ skills. Bring in industry experts and have them teach new techniques or ticks to your team. Always be current in your industry and stay ahead of the curve.

Slow season is also a great opportunity to start on a renovation projects (small or big) and improvements in general. If your interior wall is dark – repaint it with a lighter and more welcoming color. If your ceiling does not have enough lights – get new LED lights and install more lights on the ceiling. If your pedicure & massage chairs are outdated, invest in new ones. If your floor is getting old – install new tiles. You get the idea. Renovate and invest in your busienss, more.

In summary, it is extremely important to have a good marketing plan ready during your salon’s slow periods. Every successful business starts with creative ideas and we know it takes hard work. Increasing your appointments, creating more promotions, getting power listed online, investing in SEO, hosting private events, and renovating in your salon will help you get more customers and get through the slow season – like a champ. I hope you can make your salon a success story and I cheer for you!

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