5 Reward Systems That Work For a Salon Business

As a consumer I love rewards. Any type of deals and rewards such as discounts, specials, sales, loyalty programs and coupons put me in a good mood and make me come to that salon. There are many effective rewards & promotional activities you can implement for your business and they all work because they give your customers a positive impression. Also, it is a good way to attract new clients.

Salon Rewards System

Remember, people will forget what you said or did to them but they will never forget how you made them feel. Giving your valued customers great deals and rewards will surely make them feel special. We gathered five reward system ideas you can use for your salon business.

1. Punch Card: Buy 10, Get 11th for Free!

Punch cards, also known as the loyalty cards, are the most famous rewards system used by small businesses. You do not need to print a punch card on a separate paper; instead, make your business card (back side) serve as the punch card. Let your clients know that after the 10th visit the 11th visit will be free of charge. (You may alternatively choose the 13th or the 14th visit). Pick and decide on whichever number that makes more sense to your business. Punch card works well because it serves also as a visual reminder and your consumers will stay loyal to your business.

2. Points Collecting System

The percentage rewards system, also commonly known as the points collecting system works very well if you have a POS system that runs this program automatically or separately. Most salons that use this rewards system add up 5% of all services you get from their business and give it back to customers as bonus points once they accumulate $10 or more. For example: If Mary gets a $200 worth of service at your salon she automatically earns $10 as her bonus points, and she can use that $10 towards her next service.  The point collecting system works well; however running this system may be costly and it is less visual compared to punch cards.

3. Birthday Specials

Birthday presents are always great. How would you feel if you get a free mani or a free basic haircut from your favorite salon once a year on your birthday? You would feel darn good about that salon right? Birthday specials work like a wonder and keep a salon owner busy, but we would suggest you to offer the minimal or the very basic service for free. Also, if you collect e-mail from your clients – be sure to ask for their birth date so that you can autoamtically send them a birthday e-mail three days before their birthday.

4. Refer-a-Friend Program

Having a new client come in to your business takes lot of work. You have to spend extra money for your marketing & promotion. Direct mails are costly, coupons get thrown away immediately, and it is hard to get people’s attention.  But if your current clients bring in a new client, reward them. Reward them with a $5 or 10% off coupon on any services they get. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. So, go on and reward your clients for bringing their friends or families. We would suggest running this promo during certain slow months of the year and not all the time.

5. Special Promotional Activities

Just like any other businesses you will have a slow season, or a month, or a very slow day of the week. We suggest you to create a deal or promotion during the slow period of your business. Make sure you announce the deal on your salon website, social media pages, or even print flyers. Also, if you’re running a seasonal promotion, state the ending date clearly. People respond to the deadlines. For instance, Chase Nails & Spa located in Buffalo Grove offers the following promo:

“Get $10 Off on Mondays and Tuesday. Choose from Mani, Pedi, & No-chip Manicure. Offer Ends 12/31/2015.”

So here you have it. We hope these salon marketing tips were helpful and insightful for you. We also suggest that you do the calculations thoroughly and come up with a reward system that works best for your salon. Keep in mind that these reward systems are meant to be incentive for repeat visit from your clients and an appreciation of their patronage. Hope you are implemeting at least four of the above mentioned reward systems for your salon. Good luck and we cheer for you!

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